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Cave War

ABCya-5 3D Games Cave War
Date: 2020-04-22 1 Plays 0.0
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Cave War

Cave War online is a shooting Y8 game focusing on an epic battle between you and other soldiers. The game takes place when you got kidnapped and transferred into a man-made cave. There are lots of enemy soldiers waiting for you outside the cave. You can not rush out there battling against them without having any preparation. You are armed with a basic knife and it looks like you are going to use that weapon for your escape. Just get ready for a tough battle outside the cave!

As a caveman in Cave War unblocked, you should be brave enough to deal with all enemies. When you get out of the cave, try to gather some new weapons with more ammo dropped by the dead soldiers. Gear yourself with them and make use of them to deal damage to other soldiers while trying to dodge their shots. There are lots of doors that you must watch out when you try to open. They can bring some abominations in the premises that are hard to destroy. The dangers are everywhere, making your adventure much harder to conquer. You’d better keep an eye on your surroundings while trying your best to finish off all enemy soldiers. Don’t forget to unlock cool achievements as well as earn a high score to become the best player in Cave War game! Play it for free!

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